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Chiropractic Care

SpineChiropractic adjustments change the mechanics of the joints, and with repetition helps to establish correct nerve, muscle & joint function, this in turn leads to stronger joints, fewer injuries and a happier version of you!

With chiropractic care, we seek to re-establish communication between the brain and nervous system to give you benefits such as

  • Fewer injuries
  • Greater mobility
  • Increased Strength
  •  Happier mood
  • Pain-free living
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Digestion

Understanding Your Needs

There is an array of issues that Anthony has been able to help his patients with, such as numbness and tingling, shoulder pain, neck pain, low back pain, headaches, sciatica, whiplash and balance problems.

During your initial assessment, we will take a detailed medical history and listen carefully to your concerns. We will also carry out neurological and orthopedic testing specific to your issue. Patterns of dysfunction will be located, and we’ll trace them back to the source. By locating the root cause, we focus on more than relieving your symptoms.

Precise, Gentle Adjustments

Anthony utilises a mix of chiropractic techniques, focussing mainly on a very gentle no cracking approach.


To learn more or to schedule your assessment, contact Ossio Chiropractic today!


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